Jacksonville Symphony Guild 2011 Designer Showhouse Guest Suite #2 and Deck

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Reminiscent of the 1960s, when music fueled a rebellion for peace by America’s youth, the upstairs teenager’s hideaway is awash in soft, unexpected lavender, like a fluffy cloud of “peace and happiness.” Inspired by the raspy, hippy blues singer Janis Joplin, this room satisfies a modern-day teenager’s thirst for a relaxing hideaway to escape from her over-scheduled, pressure-filled life. Her personality is reflected in elegantly framed vintage concert posters, photographs and mementos, rather than a typical teenager’s room with frayed posters and memorabilia haphazardly taped to the walls.

This glamorous hideaway was achieved during the Recession on a very limited budget through the clever use of paint, thriftstore finds, reupholstered furniture, reclaimed and repainted furniture interwoven with luxurious touches such as an elegant patterned rug, framed silver-eglomise artwork and a patchwork of sumptuous fabrics.

I have created this hideaway for a sophisticated version of my teenaged self, where both Janis Joplin and Fergie could feel at home, by introducing funky and psychedelic to classy and clean.